Youth Entrepreneurship Program

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We cultivate young talents into thriving businesses.

The Black Canadians Empowerment Program is proud to offer a specialized initiative aimed at empowering black youths in learning how to run and operate their own service businesses. Our program specifically focuses on industries such as hair and makeup services, cleaning services, lawn mowing services, and car detailing services. We understand the importance of providing comprehensive support to aspiring entrepreneurs, which is why we go beyond training and mentorship.

In addition to equipping youths with essential business knowledge and skills, we are committed to removing barriers to entry by providing them with starter kits to jumpstart their service-based businesses. These kits are carefully curated to include the necessary tools and resources, allowing participants to hit the ground running. By offering practical support, we aim to empower black youths to transform their passions and talents into thriving service businesses.

Through our program, participants will have access to industry-specific training, mentorship from experienced professionals, and guidance on marketing, financial management, and customer service. We believe in fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and enabling black youths to achieve financial independence and success. By empowering them with the necessary skills and resources, we are creating opportunities for economic growth and community development.


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