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Get to Know About BCEP

We empower people to unite around ideas that matter.

Empowering Black Canadians and Newcomers through Comprehensive Support. Our program is dedicated to driving transformative change and creating a lasting impact within our community. From ensuring food security to fostering entrepreneurship and promoting cultural integration, we provide holistic support to empower and uplift Black Canadians and newcomers, ensuring their success and well-being.

our programs

We offer the following programs to assist with your settlement.

Settlement and Integration

Seamlessly connect newcomers with opportunities.

Entrepreneurship Support

Empower and guide Black entrepreneurs to success.

Food Security

Black CEP provides nourishment to those in need.

Youth Empowerment

Cultivate young talents into thriving businesses.

Career Navigation

Guiding individuals through the maze of career choices.

black Canadians empowerment program

Empowers Black Canadians for a pathway to success.